Reharmonizing the V7 with the SubV7

One of the most-often-used re-harmonization of the V7 is done by replacing that chord with the subV7. Which chord is the subV7 The subV7 is a dominant chord a tritone away from the V7 (also a half step above the tonic or I) Why does the subV7 work as a substitute of the V7? There... Continue Reading →


Decoding the Circle of Fifths Chart description

The "Decoding The Circle of Vths" Chart is laid out as a poster sized page of 18 x 24. In high resolution PDF format. The chart is organized in six sections: The Circle and the Mode/Transposition Formula Symmetry and Inversions over the circle Limited-Mode Structures Most Common Source Scales and their Modes Secondary & Substitute... Continue Reading →

Learn Music, Challenge your Mind

For the human brain, Music is the ultimate challenge. Music is a language where all concepts and thoughts are abstract, where semantics can be re-formulated in each work and statements are made, using an external device (musical instrument), embedded in an imaginary grid of Time.   Music can change your life, but can also change... Continue Reading →

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