What is Tonality?

Can we map tonal harmony in a coherent landscape that includes all possible harmonic functions, cadences and expected paths? https://youtu.be/-CYUFipJ0tU   It’s all in Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro. Learn More here...


Mapping Tonal Harmony in Music Education

Imagine an interactive harmony map that reveals the secrets of tonal harmony, where every harmonic function is placed coherently through-out the map, respecting the rules of tonality in such a way that any tonal song is in front of your eyes. You just need to discover it! "If you study or teach harmony, Mapping Tonal... Continue Reading →

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 4.1 on your Mac

Great News! MTH 4.1 ON YOUR MAC Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 4.1 is now available on the Mac App Store "Thanks to all the great musicians that helped us create this version." To find out more visit: Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro at mDecks.com The optional workbooks are now also available Workbooks

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