Reharmonizing the V7 with the SubV7

One of the most-often-used re-harmonization of the V7 is done by replacing that chord with the subV7. Which chord is the subV7 The subV7 is a dominant chord a tritone away from the V7 (also a half step above the tonic or I) Why does the subV7 work as a substitute of the V7? There... Continue Reading →


Decoding the Circle of Fifths Chart description

The "Decoding The Circle of Vths" Chart is laid out as a poster sized page of 18 x 24. In high resolution PDF format. The chart is organized in six sections: The Circle and the Mode/Transposition Formula Symmetry and Inversions over the circle Limited-Mode Structures Most Common Source Scales and their Modes Secondary & Substitute... Continue Reading →

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