How To Find All Scales Containing Specific Intervals In One Simple Step

Let’s say you want to find all scales that contain a major third, followed by a half step, follow by a minor third (M3  H  m3)

Use the search button in Tessitura Pro and you will get all scales that contain those intervals in that order


These are the named structures found


You can include all unnamed scales (rare scales) if you want to find all possible scales with those intervals

Tessitura Pro is Available for macOS, iPhone, iPad & iPad Pro

Download Tessitura Pro



Omg! The Best Ear Training Exercise Ever! Politonus App for iOS



Politonus was designed after a very popular exercise taught by a world famous music education guru in the Boston area. Many generations of musicians from all over the world traveled to Boston and waited in a two year waiting list to access this information and now it is available to everyone.


Hear from 1 to 11 notes at the time relative to any major key, diatonically or chromatically. Select whether you want to see notes by name, degrees or movable do.

Politonus is very easy to use and extremely effective. Now you can train and open up your ears anytime, anywhere!

Sight-reading exercise in F# Major for alto saxophone using See Music Pro. Sight-read and get instant feedback of your performance.

Kotska’s Workbook Chapter 22 No. 3 in Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro. Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro visually reveals every function in tonal harmony.

Tessitura Pro Tip of the Day #8: How to see the modes of a scale Tessitura Pro: The whole world of scales over the Circle of Fifths.

Tessitura Pro Tip of the Day #8: A scale’s harmonic potential. Tessitura Pro: The whole world of scales over the Circle of Fifths.

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